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The Big & Dandy Oral DMT thread (Ayahuasca/Pharmahuasca)


Jun 7, 2005
If i brewed these two together would this make an Ayahuasca brew ?

What would be the general dose for these two, anyone know the ratio of syrian rue to Mimosa hostilis is?
It's not the traditional ayahuasca brew, but it IS a DMT brew, and it works.

I used 6g of mimosa histilis rootbark and 2g of syrian rue for a medium-strength trip which lasted approx 6h.

I did not add the rue seeds to the brew, I simply chewed up and swallowed (gakky yukky) the syrian rue seeds about 20 mins before ingesting the mimosa brew (shredded mimosa bark boiled for 3h in water acidified with lemon juice and the strained thru a cloth).

There's probably a better way but this worked for me :)

Hope that helps,
Erowid can provide you with lots and lots of answers to this question. No two are the same :)

My recipe is 3g of syrian rue and 5g of mimosa rootbark.

I boil each separately for 30 minutes and pour off the liquid. I add a little vinegar to the pots, but no lemon juice. This tastes much better. The vinegar may not even be necessary.

I drink the rue first and wait for it to take effect (20-30 minutes), and drink about half the mimosa. If the result isn't strong enough, I drink some more. The full 5g is quite strong for me, but I always have it there if it seems right to go further.

There is probably no advantage to separate boiling, nor to waiting between the rue and the mimosa, as most recipes just put everything in the same pot. It's probably merely a superstition.
I took 11 grams of ground up hostilis root bark to 1 tsp. of rue powder (not sure how many grams this would turn out to be, but my guess is around 2-3.) Both were cooked seperately with a little bit of lemon juice. The rue was taken about 25 minutes prior to the mimosa.

Again, erowid is a great resource for further info on ratio and dosing.
Good luck :) & please give us updates!
The Big and Dandy Oral DMT thread (ayahuasca/pharmahuasca)

Alright, we've noticed a few ORAL dmt threads recently; thus I have created a thread for such matters. I'm gonna dump the recent threads in here; they will be somehwat out of order I believe but we should live :)

Anyway- this is a section to discuss the activation of DMT via a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOi). Please discuss ratios of substrates such as DMT with the various pharmaceutical and plant-based MAOi's around. Have fun :)

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Pharmahuasca Experiences & Rituals

If you are (or were) a "pharmahuasca" or ayahuasca analogue user, I've three questions for you :

- Do you feel that your experiences with it is highly "special" compared to "classic psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms or LSD and how ?

- Do you perform some kind of rituals/preparation (on the physical and/or mental level) before the experience ?

- Do you take it in a entertainment mindset ?
moclobemide vs harmine/harmaline

for those of u who have tried both in pharmahuasca
which one do you prefer and why?
What are the differences between the two when mixed with DMT.

I think i may finally want to try out aya/pharmahuasca. But when i do it i want it to be done just right. Minimal nausea, a quick trip and the least amount of bodyload possible.
Yes i know high doses of MAOI cause nausea , but id like to know which would cause the least.
Moclobemide is a maoi? I never heard of it's use in pharmahuasca besides this. Both harmaline, harmine & moclobemide alone have their effects so I'd assume any difference there would be in pharmahuasca trips would be caused by their effects and possibly synergy between substances. When we're talking oral DMT, I prefer sobriety :\
Oral DMT

I'm needing help with a Pharmahuasca dose for DMT. I was going to take 400mg of Harmala extract and I'm not sure how much DMT to take for a hard trip. Also, how long will the trip last and how intense will it be?

I understand there is a DMT mega thread but could we leave it out in the open andmove it in like a week?

Let me know guys I'd really appreciate it.
but could we leave it out in the open andmove it in like a week?

The mods might throw a hissy fit...

How much DMT depends on a few things - how experienced you are with psychedelics, how far you want to go the first time, whether you want to test you don't keel over with the MAOI first etc.

First time I'd make sure it was a fairly low dose - 50-100mg of DMT freebase and just see how it goes. Leave a good 45-60 mins after taking the MAOI before taking the DMT. You may need to eat a few mouthfuls of buttered toast to help the DMT kick in.

Oral DMT is very psychedelic and lasts about 2-3 hours.
Oral DMT is very special. Not that mushrooms/LSD arn't but DMT is very unique and seems to be the human brains choice of psychedelc :)

No rituals.

I sometimes watch a favourite film.
Always found harmala/caapi to be extremely physically uncomfortable and nauseating. Zero nausea with moclobemide. Lot more accurate dosage too.
I knew you'd be one of the firsts to answer, thanks :)

And when you're a dosing high on DMT, you take this as you'd take any psychedelic despite it's a very special experience ?

If you take salvia, do you take it in the same way you'd take, let's say a light dose of mushrooms ?

I do not perform a entire "physical manifested" ritual but I do think about salvia and the fact that I'll have an interaction with it before I take it. After some experiences with it, I realised that the way I handle it reflect very much the way I consider it. For me, it's how ritual make sense, since I do have a special consideration (different of the way I usually consider an inanimate object) for some substance, I do adopt a special comportment with it (even if it's pretty much confined to my thoughts).
Ive always been interested in trying oral DMT. What would be considered a low to medium dose of NN-DMT orally?

What about nasally?
What would be considered a high dose? I want to be in deep.

As for the MAOi I'm sure I'll be fine.

edit--Oops this is euphoricnod, I'm posting on her name becasue shes here and I'm on her computer. Oops.
dude its hard 2 say...people's brains and stomachs metabolize the DMT at different rates/eliminate it quicker than others, etc. So, what might work for one person won't for another.

I'd say try 75mg of pure DMT and be ready for something intense.

400mg pure harmaline sounds a little excessive (nausea inducing).

Mz Thizzle have you ever smoked DMT?

I wouldn't recommend nasal DMT because that stuff BURNS! It might ruin the trip if you're trying to scratch your sinuses through your nose.

(PS though when i have DMT i will often snort ~5mg for an anxiolytic/antidepressant effect).