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The UFO & Aliens Megathread

Learn physics & chemistry ↔ Be part of some high tech industry & know history


Realize how we didn’t need aliens to jump from stone age to bronze age to industrial age to space age and everything in between.

Are we alone in universe? Well. that doesn’t seem logical at all. Are aliens visiting earth idk but make sure to contact me if you can arrange meting.. Would be delight to chill with them and share some stuff.
do lil experiment

take a random electric residue, antenna what runs my mind atm

wear it in ur pocket and ull see birds start dropping or available = drop it in a glass of water and you'll see sparkles. bc oxygen lives in water but your lungs arent capable of folding this process yet

aliens do not exist if so theres no faculty of mind involved in any idelogical concepts.

so if I cant breath, means two shit

am sick or am sick but theres apocalypse

and therefore a gas mask so ur bootsole type face doesnt melt

why'd random civilization try to visit us then
It's taking so LONG
please aliens, get your warcraft deployed asap
this is getting so incredibly BORING.
not only that, but honestly the cruel and ruthless way of being of the Elite and the most of the "general public" has gotten too much for me to, almost, enjoy life
I mean, I can enjoy life, but thinking this is all going backwards and shitholing at the speed of light.
A meteorite would be even better, I don't trust any intelligent species with Power/Tech enough to burn materials and go to the Space, so probably they would enslave us in some sort of "ironically fun" pandemonium theme park (the best case scenario).

End of rant.
Disclosure is coming soon.

But, you have to question all these guys. I think Richard Doty may be the only former intelligence officer I may trust, but I question even him... and he says a lot less than these guys.

It's classic CIA to produce guys like this, who claim to be on the inside and say the US has multiple alien crafts in possession... to perpetuate alien crafts as a cover story for actual highly classified technology they're developing.

Classic CIA disinformation is always shrouded in some truth.

Ask yourself, would they just allow a guy like this to see that stuff, retire, then go on TV to talk about it without repercussions??? After seeing the most classified state/military secrets imaginable???

Occam's razor makes me think the US has some insane radical new technologies on drones, which they've been testing, and are using UFO story as a cover, and that's the reason behind these "official" UFO videos coming from the Pentagon in the last 3-4 years.

I think what those pilots encountered may likely have been human technology so advanced nobody would recognize it.

Yet, I do think the alien theory is still possible.
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Aliens are fucking real. I saw a alien space craft outside at night only once in my life. After that i believed in the aliens.

Idk when the mf mothership will arrive, maybe one we have achieved enough techonology it will.

It pays to remebers the aliens are the same consciounesss us are. We are one.

Imagine where we would be tech wise in 1 million years if we don't wipe ourselves out.

Hell fuck the aliens could be from another galaxy or universe or dimension
I think what those pilots encountered may likely have been human technology so advanced nobody would recognize it.

Paper Airplane Diy GIF by Hardware Science Hawaii
I'd say the most convincing evidence for aliens is the great pyramid. I'm not 100% sure it was aliens but there is evidence the pyramid would have worked like Nikola Tesla's tower that would have produced unlimited energy and could distribute it wirelessly. If the pyramid was used for this, the Egyptians surely would have documented it, but for as great of a feat building the pyramid was with it's 99% accurate angles, positioning, and proportions, it doesn't align with the stars the way it was intended. Instead it lines up with the constellations 10,000 years ago. Aliens would have used it as a source of energy for their spaceships. Maybe the key to technology to space travel is something we already know. After all, Tesla based his invention off the pyramid which would give free clean energy to the whole world. It was JP Morgan who pulled funding because his industries would go out of business if everyone had free energy. We may have the answers to a lot of our problems but people are hiding them from us for their own benefit. I heard a story of a man who built a water powered car who drove from LA to New York on 18 gallons of water. A couple of "investors" from Ukraine set up a meeting with him, but they ended up being hitmen from a gas company. They killed him and all evidence of his invention disappeared. This is another example of industry hiding the answer to a problem to save a business.
brah can't tell such a story (ukr hitmen) without links or more info to investigate it! pls post!
Anyone following this story???

I can't see shit in the video but here's the apparent "Alien" opening it's eyes...

@Mr. Krinkle

What does everybody think? This is blowing up for some reason.
I feel like it's fake, but there was a genuine 911 call. Maybe some sort of coordinated psyops perhaps??
The video of it falling out of the sky and reported 'boom' are consistent with a meteor.

The rest, well, hard to believe... and not very logical for an alien species.