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Vaporizing 4-aco-dmt?

I've vaporized some 4aco-DIPT which I ended up getting as a free base and it had minimal activity. Never tried it with any of the 4ACO salts but I doubt it would work well. Odd that psilocin would effectively vaporize and the 4aco not - I have some 4ho-DIPT HCl kicking around - maybe I'll try to make it into a free base and try that to see if it works, or even just vap the salt. If it has any activity when vaporized, the HCl should have some effect unlike the 4aco which had exactly none. I think it ended up vaping about 30-40 mg before giving up..
I would love to find a tek to convert the fumarate salt of 4-aco dmt to its freebase. I did order some from a vendor a year or two ago, vaped in a glass device with fabulous effect!
Place your fumarate into a bulb vape, add 0.33 equivalents of sodium bicarbonate by mass. Dissolve in 0.5mls of water.

Heat the bulb with a small candle and inhale the water vapour, which comes of first, then when it dries heat gently and inhale the vapour coming off of this.

There should be airflow into your mouth at all times when the bulb is hot. When you take it away from the candle this means you should maintain the airflow for 10-20s to cool down the bulb.
Thanks. I'll give this a shot and let you know my experience.

At the rate I'm going I will be an ancient human before becoming a bluelighter. Guess that's what comes of having a life - lots of distractions.:D
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I just tried smoking a bowl of marijuana out of my bubbler with a little more than 30mgs of 4-aco-dmt packed in the middle and it was quite a rush, strong body high that kicked in within 2 minutes. Open and closed eye visuals were present in spades for the next 20 minutes after that. Repeated with same dose after a bit and it provided another crazy body rush but less visuals, a pleasant residual high lasted me another 2 hours then started to taper down....

Now why was my experience like this when everyone else is saying that the fumarate is mostly inactive when smoked, any ideas?
I'd really like to know... 20mg oral ten minutes ago and the as I usually smoke a bowl at the comeup and again at peak (if can remember how...) I'd love to think i could throw another 20mg fumerate... maybe going on guy above about sodium bicarb, basify it somehow... before the oral kicks more gonaa mix up more fumerate with some bicarb and get wet and put in a j... report if can typr. not sure this harm reduction other than if harm self, no post follows, so don't do it. lololl