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Welcome to Film & Television


Bluelight Crew
Jul 22, 2002
south lake tahoe, ca
This forum is the Bluelight place to discuss movies and television. Casual fans as well as self-styled movie snobs are welcome. Appropriate subjects for discussion include, but are not limited to: Movies; Television shows; Movie trivia; Specific actors and directors; Oscars, awards, and film festivals; Hollywood rumors; Games and trivia; Goofs and mistakes; Favorite quotations; Film IDs; Animation and anime; Radio programs


(1) RESPECT OTHERS' CONTRIBUTION. If you trivialize or belittle a conversation your posts will be edited or deleted. Flaming and name-calling will not be tolerated. Use your common sense to judge what is appropriate and what is not. If your sense of judgment is poor we will happily apply ours.

(2) ART IS SUBJECTIVE. Keep in mind that many of the metrics for evaluating and expressing opinions about film and television media are subjective. It is crucial to treat other posters with respect (see Rule 1) even if you do not agree with them. It is acceptable to attack or debunk a person's opinion or argument, but it is never acceptable to attack a person. This standard will be strictly enforced.

(3) REVIEWS ARE GOOD. SPOILERS ARE BAD. Please try not to ruin big storyline secrets for others. If your post contains spoilers, please use the excellent spoiler feature to only display the text to those who choose to see it. Simply surround your spoiler text with the correct tags so this:

[spoiler=soylent green]soylent green is made out of people![/spoiler]

will appear in your post like this:
soylent green is made out of people!
Especially if a movie is in its first few weeks of release, it is strongly recommended that vital plot points not be disclosed, so that the moviegoing experience is not ruined for others. Another way to avoid posting spoilers is to post a link to a relevant web site that contains the spoiler information. Again, please use a spoiler warning before the link text.

(4) STAY ON TOPIC. Feel free to discuss anything which fits with the forum title and the forum description. Use common sense. Topics deemed inappropriate will be moved where possible, closed or merged if necessary.

(5) USE THE SEARCH ENGINE. It is possible your topic has been covered before so please search and, if possible, add your comments to an existing thread. In the case of specific works searching before posting is especially important to avoid fragmentation and duplication. There is a quick search box at the top right of the forum page and you can also use the main Bluelight Search page. Also, consider first a more general search of the web (many users use Google) if you are looking for more generic information or resources.

(6) SELECTING A THREAD TITLE. We have prefixes now. When making a thread about a specific film or television series, use either the (film) or (television) prefix. Then title the thread with the title of the film or series. Please do not include anything additional that does not obviously need to be there.

When making a thread that is a game, use the (game) prefix. And good for you!

When making a thread about film and/or television that is not about a specific film or series, please do not use the (film) or (television) prefix. Some threads will not need a prefix.

When a film with the same title has been made multiple times, please include the year for the version being discussed in the thread title. Put the year in parentheses. For films where there is only one version, no year description is necessary. For example, since two King Kongs were made, a year description is needed for the title:

"(film) King Kong (1933)"
"(film) King Kong (2005)"

(7) IF IT'S PERSONAL, KEEP IT PERSONAL. If you wish to contact someone don't make a new post about it. Personal posts do not belong in public forums. Use e-mail or private online communication to get their attention. Similarly, if you have a problem with the style or content of a post which goes beyond the actual issue being discussed, do not raise your concern in the thread - experience teaches us that only makes things worse. Instead, click the report button
to alert the moderators who will take appropriate action.

(8) RATINGS. Threads about specific movies (threads with a FILM: prefix) will automatically be turned into polls with five options allowing the movies to be rated by forum participants. We use a scale of 1-5 stars (
). If you start a thread to discuss a movie and you do not wish the rating to be applied, simply say so in the thread or email or PM the forum moderators. Note that the ratings are simply an informal guide to enjoyment based on the opinions of the forum participants. The ratings system does not seek to suggest suitability of the material for a particular audience (e.g children).

(9) IMAGES. You may post images in the forum using the [img]<image_url>[/img] tags. Again, please use common sense when including images. Try to stick to .JPG or .PNG (bitmaps are huge). If you are unsure about any aspect of image posting, mail a moderator and we'll be delighted to help.

(10) SHOUTING. Refrain from all caps posts and alternating caps as they are generally agreed to be obnoxious and unnecessary. They will be edited or simply closed.

(11) DO NOT POST LINKS TO ILLICIT STREAMING SITES. You may not post website links or discuss the use of illicit streaming sites. This includes links to Youtube videos that are rips of films or TV shows. You can post snippets, such as a sketch from your favorite comedy show, but do not post anything that might be construed as illegal sharing of copyrighted materials.

(12) ALL OTHER GENERAL BLUELIGHT RULES APPLY. Please read the friendly Bluelight User Agreement. Ultimately, the forum moderators will determine what is and is not appropriate. If you disagree with a moderator's actions, send them an e-mail (accessible on the moderator's profile page) or a private message (again, this can be accessed from the moderator's profile page). If you can't resolve a problem together, please follow the procedure described in The Greenlighter's Guide.
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