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Diet What healthy food are you eating now? v. it's pronounced keen-waah


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Apr 30, 2006
Tell us what healthy food you're eating today!!

I have a massive sweet tooth and it's really hard for me to stay away from sugar :(

I was really craving yoghurt today, but instead of the really sweet flavoured yoghurts that are packed full of sugar, I got natural greek yoghurt, honey, and a mix of pepitas, sunflower seeds, almonds and sultanas, and mixed it all together. SO YUM!!! (Oh and they're my supplements in the photo too haha, multivitamin, Milk Thistle for my poor lil liver, thiamine for my alcoholic brain, and a skin/hair/nails supplement cos my hair won't grow and my nails keep breaking).
Not necessarily healthy, but I was eating bowls of brown sugar, rice, and other high carb foods, soda. Man I was high and clear headed, no comedown either, what gives? My teeth though....wheh! had to stop lol!
On high fat diets I literally had bad chest pains and felt worried if I continued I would have a heart attack.
I can live on japanese sweet potatoes, lentils, gold potatoes, pork, chicken, fish, (mostly lean proteins) some leafy green vegetables. Fruit as like 25% of my diet.
Watermelon is in my top 3 favorite fruits. Along with probably dates and mangos.
Yep, I love all of those, especially mango!! <3
Really though, I love all fruits. Not a huuuge fan of citrus fruits but sometimes I enjoy an orange or a mandarin.
I find too much citrus will cause teeth problems, but then again I'm not sure it seems like my body adapts more and more and handles more fruit better and better as time goes on. It sucks I realized so late my genetics are not meant to burn fat even though I tried carnivore and keto for like 2.5 years with seeming success. But I smelled like shit, had foggy mental states, not as much energy, poorer sleep. High carb mostly vegan (still eating meat though) I find those problems largely reversed. Biggest thing for me I think at this point is getting the grains down really low, like maybe only once a week or less and not in large portions, idk just intuition.
Ahh yeah especially if they come in aluminum! Gross! I admittedly drink from it occasionally though still. Can't resist a good energy drink. Carbonated caffeine just hits so much better in my opinion. Starchy beans and vegetables and properly prepared grains hit the gut at a way more manageable rate though and effect cognition and mood much differently. The body does have amazing abilities to adapt though. Like some people legitimately do thrive best on a very very extreme style diet like doug graham the raw fruit vegan guy or some of the carnivore people (apparently, heart disease is a big concern of mine though).
Maybe bananas, wish I liked em more. I much prefer potatoes, or sweet potatoes of all varieties.
Is seriously get high on sugary drinks though damn. lol its a real problem.

You are in my opinion much better off with more chemically complex substances like beans, starchy vegetables, complex fruits so on.
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The brain LOVES sugar. But too much pure energy is like lacking in substance I feel. Diet it the most important drug in my experience. More complex chemistry provides better cognition and better judgement and thought.

Fasting is underated. But I've never done it on a stim binge for instance where I figure you need food regardless. Whenever I eat HBWR seeds I NEED PROTEIN I will fucking kill for it. So yeah I get it might be different.
But, if you can fast in controlled conditions even two days you will feel so absolutley clear headed and cleansed bodily, its incredible. the longer the better honestly, but you have to work up to it.
I've gone 7 days no food, 3 no water. Your mood stabalizes, you see that you should just feel comfortable with yourself because why not? You dont even think about food. You are clear headed, creative, you see details and notice things you took for granted before.
Its hard work though. Life demands too much and it can be hard to fit fasting in. But when you can.....do!
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Carbonated sugary drinks are THE WORST THING for your body for multiple reasons!! STEER CLEAR OF THEM!
Can you elaborate. I probably get 5-7% of my calories from the stuff.

Recently darnk a lot of alcohol like the past 2 days too which is extremely at ends with my usual behavior.

The fact that I am so used to burning sugar, i feel has allowed me to avoid a hangover i literally feel none.

The vodka is also a good quality and I don't consume much sodium typically.
Took like 6mg of Xanax though and literally lost a day...really wtf did i buy this stuff for?!?!?!?!? I liked lorazepam that they gave me in the hospital (eneded up there for my words to the police) they gave me the lorazepam for kratom withdrawals and it worked like a charm. I thought it was a better medecine than kratom personally.