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Television What TV Shows are You Binging v. Cut That Cord!

Finished it, now watching The 100. Is recommendable as well and comes with 7 seasons.

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Started on Pennyworth and loving it watched the first season yeaterday.
Just started watching The Bear.
I'm only on episode 2 but I already love it because it accurately depicts a busy kitchen and it gets the lingo right:

edit: The downside is that watching it is like being at work, so not very relaxing. Oh well.
So I just started watching it again and it's really good. Still kinda stresses me out cuz it's very realistic.
To all of y'all who've never worked in a restaurant, please take note: this is the shit we go thru to make you happy.
Maybe try to be nice?
Maybe tip your server a little more?
Maybe even send a compliment to the kitchen?
It's a brutal job with long hours, low pay, no benefits, and a lot of risks. But we take pride in what we do.
Been binging Community with the wife. Such a great pop culture referencing sitcom.
I haven't had cable TV in my house for going on 13 years now, and it's been the best decision I ever made to be done with it. I have a monitor, and occasionally watch films ( I have a large collection acquired over the years of DVD, Blu Ray, etc.) on Blu Ray or DVD. But as far as TV is concerned in general? Just speaking for myself and my family, none of us miss it even a little. My daughter is a senior in HS at this point and grew up without TV, and she is very happy having it be that way. We all know what's going on in the world, more me than the rest of the family, but we generally seek out sources of news and such on the internet and go about our lives. I personally look at TV in general as mind pollution, and I am much happier without it and do not even consider the idea that I am missing out on anything at all. Quite the contrary for me personally.
On Netflix I'm currently binge watching Cunk On Earth, a British mockumentary about the history of civilization. I haven't laughed so hard in months--- maybe years. It comes in 30min episodes, the first being In the Beginnings. If you ever enjoyed Monty Python you will definitely like this too.

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Just started on You People (Netflix)

So far, it looks quite promising.

EDIT: Oh yeah, this will be good. Uncomfortable humor-- the best kind!
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Just started on You People (Netflix)

So far, it looks quite promising.

EDIT: Oh yeah, this will be good. Uncomfortable humor-- the best kind!
OK, so the show was pretty fun overall.


The ending was a bit saccharine. Not great, yet somehow still a bit satisfying in its hopefulness. Three stars.

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I saw this one Netflix limited series called "The Most Hated Man on the Internet", I think? It was about this guy who had this website called "isanyoneup.com", which was basically a revenge porn website. Not only did the website put up revealing photos of people without their consent, they also provided links to the person's personal information, like their home address and social media profiles. Later it came out that the proprietor of the website, Hunter Moore, had commissioned a hacker to break into people's devices and send images found on them to Moore, leading to Moore's prosecution by the government

It's strange, his website was supposedly so big, but I had never heard of it before. One lady talks about her images going up on the site, then she moved to her hometown in Arkansas and people she knew in real life were letting her know that they saw her on the site! That just blows my mind, like in my hometown I can't imagine random people coming up to me and bragging about how they probably jerked it to images of me on a porn site, like wtf?

The main character and villain of the story, Hunter Moore, is probably the most interesting character of the film, just because of how seriously he takes his role of being an incorrigible douchebag. Like, he is douchebag personified, he's the douchebag archetype, like if you ground a regular douchebag into a fine powder, then use a chemical process to render that down into the most concentrated douchebag essence, that's Hunter Moore lol. It's amazing how true he stayed to that role even after he had had some close calls

The story has a few interesting/hilarious details but it's ultimately only so-so overall imo
the OA on Netflix is really good - i just watched the first season - there's only 2 season, and then i just read that Netflix discontinued it before it was finished - i hate when they do that

The Netflix limited series about the Murdaugh case

I had heard snippets about this case on the car radio while driving and clips of the trial seemed to be going around youtube for a while, but didn't really take an interest in it. I watched the first part of this limited series on mute, lol, as I was reading something and didn't want to be distracted by TV noise, but the final two episodes were actually pretty interesting...man this family was involved in some crazy shit...a girl who died on a boat, a murder and potential hate crime following a gay love affair with one of the sons, the suspicious death of their nanny, the double homicide of the son and mom by the dad, after which he paid his drug dealer to shoot him, possibly to kill him in self defense and frame him for the double homicide already committed, possibly to actually commit suicide and defraud the insurance company (after he had already defrauded the nanny's policy to the tune of four million dollars, much of it to feed his raging oxy addiction?

Some real shenanigans going on there! I have no idea how true it was to the facts, as like I said I haven't really read or seen anything else about the case, but it was entertaining
So I have been watching The Last of Us TV series since it started in January. I think it's great, but I really don't think it's as astonishing as some fanboys would make you believe. There's a lot of plot aspects they have changed. Also, the race of some characters is not that good in terms of how they're presented, good acting chops or not. For example, the actor who originally portrayed Tommy for the games is in it as a totally different character. He's a soldier who assists this crazy woman, and the Infected show up like they're Freakers from the game, Days Gone. LOL.

The guy playing Tommy is hereby played by this Mexican, or at least some Latin related actor.

I don't mind Spanish speaking people playing original characters, because since they're not playing the classic characters, it doesn't look too "off course" or whatever the right term is. Like the chick in The Walking Dead series that Eugene fancied, I think she's cool. The actress was really great for that role.
Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen.
Yeah. Loved it with Charlie Sheen. Ashton kinda not so good imo. Though I don’t know what to think of Charlie Sheen these days. I’m usually not the judging type but Cory Feldman (the child actor from Lost Boys). Claims that it was Charlie Sheen who molested him in Hollywood. And I kinda believe him. I don’t want to though.

So, yeah I like old two and a half men.

I am currently watching Game of Thrones House of Dragon. Only on third episode but it seems to be good so far.

I watch the Big Bang theory pretty regularly lately. Love the earlier episodes. I am big into family guy and south park also.