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⭐️ Social ⭐️ What Was YOUR Morning Fix? v. I Smoke Weed, Eat Yogurt

60mg Vyvanse
300mg Gabapentin
12mg 3hopcp
30mg 4f-methylphenidate
60mg O-DSM-Tramadol

Visited at my bro in laws house for a couple days. Ended up coming back home this afternoon, I only packed to stay for one day and we ended up being there a couple days, I didn't have any subs or opioids on me at all and was starting to get a ton of anxiety and started feeling slightly ill. So I got a ride back home and my gf stayed behind. She hasn't done anything really in the way of socializing for quite some time, so it's nice for her to have some time with friends and other family kind of away from her mom, who can at times be over bearing.

Shit, this will be the first time we've spent a night totally away from each other in quite some time, since the last time we got in a serious fight anyway. Hopefully the space will be good for us.
half a coffee, kratom, unkown amount of phenibut (maybe a g). waited for a couple hours and had a cig. still the struggle but its getting easier. the less i smoke the more it stinks.
just had a couple puffs of thc-o. maybe i have the other half cup o' coffee. lol
1500mg Pregabalin
daammit! ha u did this at beginning of day. must have a tolerance? how long ya been on it (pregab) and do you still feel 1.5g?
Morning is a little off for me (been dealing with covid) but feeling better already weirdly enough

30mg baclofen
100mg hydroxyzine
200mg caffeine (covid sedation)

Hope everyone is being safe
Fasted since last night dropped 50 mg baclofen


Gonna add some gabapentin once I take my hydros in a couple hours probably anothe cup of joe

Well I decided to take them now cuz I want that BP to drop at the same time for that real euphoria

luckily I can take 15 mg hydrocodone and be lit ik that’ll make some people jelly but I’m proud of myself for that

hope everyone is marking informed decisions 👋
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So far this morning:

Sertraline 150mg
Dihydrocodeine 480mg
Morphine Sulphate 50mg
Gabapentin 2700mg
Naproxen 500mg
Sodium Valproate 400mg
Cyclizine 200mg
Chlorphenamine 8mg
Thorazine 50mg
Quetiapine 50mg
Omeprazole 20mg
Few puffs of a disposable 20mg nic salt vape
Pregabalin 1200mg - shouldn't have taken any frig sake my tolerance is through the roof I think.
Fell into an interesting mix 🤤

200mg diphenhydramine
5 cups of coffee
2mg clonazepam
15mg hgdrpcodone
5mg oxy IR

Had a break up yesterday after 2 years just tryna stay away from the alp

Hope everyone is being safe
Slept late as hell so it’s morning for me 😂

Relapsed on alp but limited myself to 10 1mg footballs

2mg SL alprazolam (with 0 physical tolerance to benzos)
25mg losartan
100mg hydroxyzine
3 joints of Bubba OG medical grade
10- 12Marlboros

Can’t believe I used to take 100mgs a day and now I think I’m blacked out a lil🤤 ig I can be proud of that lol
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