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⭐️ Social ⭐️ What Was YOUR Morning Fix? v. I Smoke Weed, Eat Yogurt

Live rosin candies, Sour Diesel pipes, white vein Maeng Da. Buzzing is pretty mellow buzz strong but relaxed
Bunk edibles supposed to have cannabis oil why can't I taste a hint lol Idk how they get away with that it's over the counter people just put up with that crap I guess at least now I know that knock off candy pouch at a certain location probably is wildly unlikely to be dosed correctly (sprayed) if at all oh well only twelve bucks I knew it might not be active had no one to give me a critique anyhow done venting,

HHC, Sour Diesel which at this point HHC hits me harder due to how I spiked my THC tolerance using flower heavy daily recently, and white vein maeng da still sad about losing a furry friend feeling I might need to get sober here to process the grief I'm not like crying today but it's making getting high not so fun yet also been ramping up the intoxication try to numb and escape it pretty mellow high this morning though not like running to a dope house giving up on it all for a bundle or something
I downed 10x 10mg generic oxy XR and then took a handfull of alprazolam, now i was feeling nice so maybe i could hot a vein, passed the day paranoid smoking crack
50mg Vyvanse
1mg Bromazolam
900mg Gabapentin
150mg Venlafaxine
10mg Aripiprazole

Was supposed to start work at 8, but here it is 1130 almost and dude has left me on read. About to start drinking fuck it.
4g Kratom
50mg Vyvanse
.5mg Bromazolam
600mg Gabapentin
150mg Venlafaxine
10mg Aripiprazole

Dudes supposed to be here at 8 for a day of work and my pay from yesterday, so hopefully that actually works out.
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feelin fine as a fuckin dime
Chillin real good with-

5 cups of strong coffee plus sodas
1,000mg cimetidine (NEVER DO THIS
150mg diphenhydramine
800mg ibuprofen
4,800mg gabapentin
1mg clonazepam (oral)
15mg hydrocodone
60mg DXM
50mg doxylamine

Chillin good up in space rn 😂