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Benzos Will taking a small dose of Xanax prevent cocaine induced anxiety?


Apr 28, 2019
When I do cocaine I sometimes go into a cocaine induced anxiety attack after 2-3 hours in where it feels like impending doom. I have been to several ERs in hospitals for this in the last few years and it is never a problem with my heart itself. Chest X-rays, blood samples, and an EKG prove this. It is however always diagnosed as anxiety from cocaine use. It sure feels like a heart attack though. The symptoms include extreme chest tightness, the feeling of electrical shocks shooting in my chest, and raised blood pressure (this could be me imagining it versus my blood pressure being too high)
Would taking some Xanax while I am using help to prevent this? I realize it could offset the pleasurable effects of the cocaine somewhat but it’s a trade off to experiencing this anxiety for 3-4 hours.
Yes it will help. It will offset some of the “stimulant” feeling but much of the anxiety will be gone. You may need a slightly larger dose than usual seeing as you’re using cocaine.