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book club was fun. 10 out of 12 people didn’t like the book. discussion was good. it brought up a few things i’d missed.
Hi all, I need to take this coming week off BL, and I wanted to ask you all to look out for each other in Words (particularly making sure that no one mixes up Word Association and Chain Game. 🤣)
Seriously, report anything inappropriate to staff, and I’ll be back before you know it.
Little girl in yellow mask tells taller girl in yellow mask where she did two weeks inpatient. And so I got out and then ... Code violet over the courtyard. Inpatient, yeah … Again and again … I wish we had TVs.

Older girls sit in grass picking and identifying tiny plants. Giggling inaudibles. I’m not doing that … I’ve been wearing more, but the more I wear ... Nose peaks out her mask. A black hair tie her wrist. The other bare.

The little ones. Nurses there are so ridiculous.

Staff asks if they’re looking four leaf clovers. Yes. Blue hair. Red hair. Pink hair. Purple hair. Her hair is brown streaked gold. Dark around eyes. It’s ten after two. When do you want to go back inside? Then we can work on treatment.

Yeah I was ... Actually ... So ... And then ... And I was just here ... I don’t understand ...
@FnX No kidding, right bud? I haven't seen you around here since I became active, about a month ago. Looks like you've been around awhile.
It's society that kills/ Can't cure it with a pill/ there's no sense to make of it... But why are we so ill?
You think you need a thrill?/ you better pay your bill/ or you might just become ill/ it's society that kills
So i offer to you / to do/ your best to choose/ not to control/ another's soul
People rarely change/ because you treat them strange
When you are less demanding/ they take more time for understanding
We all can think/ but we stink/ at agreeing/ We just keep fleeing
Passing blame to another being/ am I the only one seeing?

Make a better society/ by releasing your anxiety/
Inspire a cleanse/ show people how to make amends
We don't need governments/ as much as our family and our friends.
If we all understood this /the law would be useless
Never blindly listen/ but consider the other position

Working in harmony/ the people can become free
Offer your hand/ live off the land/ be the best you that you can
you can make society better/ by showing people how to work together
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I find myself looking into the wallpaper again as I'm taking a piss. I push myself into the pattern, expecting to - somehow - lose myself like I once did... but it is just wallpaper and I am standing there with my dick in my hand.

Deja Vu.
I just wanted to give you guys the heads up, have been in private convo with Snafu for over a week now, I proposed the idea of another poetry competition, and he seems keen, and asked me to propose a theme

I said Robots vs Aliens, a WEEK ago

Also we think it should come with a backstory

And he/she has now gone quite quiet so they may or may not be trying to cheat! Eh!

Anyway with some kind of actual thread by him/her this may go ahead, the participation last time was quite high

From me.
I am wondering if there is any others here who have had their writing published? There has to be. You think there’s enough of a demographic here to start a thread about this? Like a “Have You Ever Written Professionally? Share Your Work Here! (Plus tips for those aspiring)”

That could be a good thread. I’m also a little nervous making it because it might come off as a brag or something + my history with BL and how I began professionally writing to begin with..