Would Remote Mind Control Be Possible With Current Technology?


Oct 3, 2014
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I'm somewhat of a skeptic on this conspiracy theory, but I have often wondered if it would be possible. There are people who call themselves "targeted individuals" and claim that the government is using HAARP and/or other high tech installations to beam mind control signals into their brain. In other words to change their emotional state using electromagnetic frequencies. I find their claims rather chilling and sometimes wonder if they are on to something, as some of them honestly don't strike me as crazy but merely experiencing something that most don't. However, do their claims violate the laws of plausibility and physics? In other words, could governmental organizations beam signals into someone's brain from afar like that? Or is that impossible? Thoughts? How much energy would it take to do that? And if it wasn't directed at one individual but merely these people are more astute to it than others....... perhaps a diffuse signal of some kind is being beamed from such installations to the populace at large. That would make somewhat more sense to me given the way that I understand these things, though admittedly I still don't buy it. Perhaps, that actually is a scientifically valid hypothesis though? Though, perhaps that isn't possible either. In short, do you think it's possible that the government could come up with an installation that is capable of affecting the thoughts of the populace by using electromagnetic waves. What if they put something into the air (e.g. chemtrails) to amplify the signals? Would this be scientifically possible? Not saying it's happening. Just curious if these types of conspiracy theories are within or against the laws of physics. Not plausibility. Because while I don't believe in these theories, some people I have seen and talked to online do (in the course of my conspiracy theory/ufology research). Simply out of curiosity I wonder if these theories are plausible. Even if perhaps these people have simply gone off the deep end........ perhaps what they are saying is not 100% impossible. Or is it?
As far as really happening. unfortunately 100% assured of this. Wildest shit I have ever run into.. Does it exist, without a doubt.. is it complex.. so complex it makes my bright mind giggle. wildly intelligent.. but who in the fuck. not a normal person influenced buy any normal manipulation and the tech is psyfi? How in the fuck does this make sense?

the biggest underline is hypnotism..
No. We can't even put on paper the exact neurochemical processes responsible for each distinct thought and whatever else the brain does. We sort of know how it works in general, but we still don't know a lot.

And if you think that some "organizations" do but that info is classified or whatnot, I ask for reasonable proof.

As for simplistic mind-control such as making a person irritable, causing a loss of consciousness and other similarly primitive effects, yes - you can do it pharmacologically, using electromagnetism to name a few. For example, I can give you a large dose of a benzo to make you more talkative. It's primitive, but it's something I guess.
I was pretty sure who the OP of this thread was just by reading the title... just saying man, you should really get yourself out of that rabbit hole you've been tunneling into recently.

Nothing is 100% impossible.

At the very least, the ongoing list of "Our Current Laws Of Physics" is being expanded, with more being discovered, re-discovered, amended, etc., on a daily basis. We think we know so much, yet we're barely scratching the surface of the "more complex" "Laws Of Physics". It's both amusing and fascinating to watch the many cases of "Cutting Edge Technology" being reclassified to "Old School Technology" in very short time frames.

For every question we feel we find answers, like a branching tree, we generate multiple "new" questions.

As far as "Precise Mind Control" currently having the ability to single out and "target individual subjects" from a significant distance? Highly unlikely at this point.

As far as HAARP, VLF, ELF, etc., currently having the ability to affect "congregations" of generalized behavior, moods, irritability, feelings of uneasiness, etc.? Very likely at this point, also having the ability to "alter" the Ionosphere, thus altering the weather, although not an absolute "precise alteration", once again...."at this point".

HAARP, VLF, ELF, Geometric Modulation, Magnetospheric Wave Injection, Ionosphere Heaters, etc., have the potential of triggering/creating Earthquakes, Landslides, etc., both on land and at sea, the latter having the potential for creating Tidal Waves, Tsunamis, and other Oceanic Disturbances.

While I'm not an overzealous "conspiracy theorist", many of these so-called "Conspiracy Theories" are supported by very tangible evidence.

One of the things I feel certain of, is if we, as a species, continue to "play around with this stuff" before we thoroughly understand the Physics and Mechanics behind it, the Earth may very well become unable to properly support "Human Life" as we currently know it.

All Of The Above Is Admittedly Controversial.

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Yes I can give you a solid account. As far as true proof that's much more difficult. They utilize very covert tactics and aspects of their strategy are intended and often succeed at discrediting, isolating and making the victim appear mentally ill and or delusional.

I don't have time to outline this today, but will do it in the near future. I spent a long time researching what has been done to me over the last 18,000 plus hours and its both complex and very technologically advanced. The advanced technology being used for this and not for more lucrative mainstream applications is one of the hardest things to understand. Like why do people who have a working remote silent speech computer interface use it for this when the mainstream applications for this seem limitless and very lucrative.

This journey has taken me places I would have never gone. As much of the technology is amazing and cutting edge and also not what I have studied or was into I had to research and learn a whole plethora of complex and new subjects.

One area I'm still a little baffled in the process they are using to project target specific audio utilizing loudspeakers and id love some help in figuring this out. They use a few different techniques as the exspieriece of the sound is different and can be counteracted with different means. The first one is out their commercially and is called bone conduction. There are commercial laser speakers the are available for home use. One of the other I have not been able to find much on or figure out.

Aspects of the second.

Can be generated very loud, so loud that it can overpower traditional loud speakers playing music in a loud working environment

Only the victim is able to hear the target sound

Traditional earplugs partially block for periods, butt the system adjusts, then when the ear plugs are removed the audio is barley audible until it adjust.

One theory I have is that since individual ear canals are so unique that they are going to use them to identify people, as they use fingerprints, they are using this. If the ear drum is slightly altered the sound disappear completely, but only In the ear that that has been altered.

They may using sound envelopes or a overlapped multiwave broadcast in which the wave interaction hides the sound until interaction with the unique dynamics of the targets ears either combine the sound envelopes or removes the interference of a multiwave overlapped broadcast.

The group that's on me are also Hackers and have changed passwords, held personal accounts hostage, access both my phone and computer cameras, watch murderous shit like forensic files, crazy ex girlfriend and stalker stuff constantly on my Netflix, Spoof text message and call me and a few of my friends causing one to no be an ex friend. That's all provable and lends proof, but as they remain very covert and one of their main goals is to never do anything that will get them caught or provide proof for any conviction.

This shit is nutts and the motherfuckers on me are smart and they have certainly done this before. They even have programmed or adapted programming or a chat bot to do much of their "work" for them. I took me a long time to figure this shit out. I will go into detail later, but I will likely leave off some stuff as I don't want this to be a how to fucking techno stalk someone.
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I'm definitely not immediately writing you off as "mentally ill" or "delusional", although many people might.

It takes a countless number of specialized research hours, on top of an already well established knowledge of Physics, to even begin to feel as though one truly understands this sort of thing.

Much of what was once considered "Science Fiction", is now "Well Known Fact".


I'm definitely not immediately writing you off as "mentally ill" or "delusional", although many people might.

It takes a countless number of specialized research hours, on top of an already well established knowledge of Physics, to even begin to feel as though one truly understands this sort of thing.

Much of what was once considered "Science Fiction", is now "Well Known Fact".


Your telling me. In my reserch i was looking at stuff thats supposed to be hypothetical and isnt as well as very high level science and technology. That stuffs just the start. Hypnotism, nuero science, neuro lingistic programing.. All kinds of amazing stuff. When i post concepts i will link and back it up with information i have found.

I studied civil environmental engineering at uni so i have a good science background.
I studied civil environmental engineering at uni so i have a good science background.
A "Fellow Engineer", Huh? Nice to meet you!

While alot of people complained about having to take Calculus and Physics as part of their College Curriculum, I looked forward to it!

I used to tell some of them I NEEDED to take those courses, because I needed to "Calculate" how to catch some of those Half-Ass Things They Called "Passes" If Our College Wanted To Win Any Football Games!

There's so much I'd like to put up here, regarding the technologies being used without the "general public's" knowledge, that I'm literally biting my lip.

If only some people would get their heads out of their butt, take a good look at the world, and ask why this, or that, is happening?

Having the Internet helps immensely, but so many people use 90% of it only for "Gossip-Oriented Social Media Sites" and/or "Shopping".

I don't have anything against "Social Media Sites" that you actually get (and also give) something out of, and/or, some of the convenience and savings by "Shopping" on the Internet. At the same time, as with so many things, there should be some sort of a "Healthy Balance" in there somewhere.

That's Just My Opinion! Others May Vary!

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Simplistic and diffuse signal generation, such as say, causing a rioting crowd to disperse more rapidly by unleashing chemical panicogens in sublethal level to cause an effect of terror, as with benzo withdrawal, would be easy, as easy as killing the same group with nerve agents, phosgene, lewisite or whatever other nasty ass chemical weaponry the attacker chooses to employ.

Likewise, generation of vibrational signals, its been done in the lab, causing discomfort in most, by supplying out-of-phase physical tactile and propioceptive stimulation, to cause the subjects to perceive ghosts, and there are many accounts of unease and other funky effects with infrasound sources of natural (architectural, rather) origin.

Bone conduction would be practical enough a technology to develop now into such a directional tool or weapon. Ever heard of a SASER? its basically the sonic equivalent of a laser, creating a selfamplifying, highly coherent beam of sound. We perceive sound as a combination of frequency and amplitude (as applicable to anything done via a SASER, assuming such technology were developed), some are pumped either with light, or, and I would imagine more powerful ones and thus capable of delivering an effect over greater range and capable of a variable frequency output then I should imagine it could be used to deliver a targeted sonic stimulus. Either directly, or via bone conduction.
Your exactly right. Different wavelength lasers are almost assuredly used. They allow remote viewing and target analysis (such as NLP eye movement) as well as facilitate the silent speech interface. They also use passive rf computer generated imagery.

I need one of these bastards so I can battle.. anyone want to loan me the cash? I want black though.
Profit system

Edit: it turned out to be infrasound
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As far as back to the op question. More real military tech already on the market. The system is sensitive enough to register if you get aroused and your penis slightly engorges or if your get goosebumps. It tracks and measures heart rate and monitors if you blush.

I don't say this is the actual system that's on me, but almost real time .3 mm remote computer generated and analyzed imagery that works off active and or passive RF and others is already fact.

Passive, Bi-Static & Multi-Static Radars
Silent Speech Interface

This is from all the way back 2004. Its up and running remotely most likely via a real time continuous non ionizing radiation laser. This constant radiant bombardment of a targets mouth in order to capture both subconscious and conscious thought is the reason targeted victims exspieriece rapid and unwarranted tooth decay as mentioned in the utube posted.

So our vocal systems are sent the chemo/electro signals needed to generate the speech of our thoughts, both from the subconscious and conscious. We then choose if we want to share our thought by vocalizing it or just have diarrhea of the mouth. This system is capable of remotely monitoring the nerve impulses and or minor muscle movements associated with our speech system. After an introductory exploration of a individuals signals and or vocal movements, driven by rhythmic speech cuing through the target specific audio, its able to read a portion of a victims thoughts.


This is kind of funny MIT from this year is working on an already developed system. This is very close to the interface. Coming to your corner of the galaxy. Man do I hope the fuckers that have me wired up end up wired up themselves. I know that's unbecoming of me, BUT AT THIS POINT I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.
MIT silent speech interface bone conduction reply

Yeah with this one out there and waiting for declassification or whatever I would not throw down to back a MIT wearable, but the audio will be better.. ya no one going to be jamming out on the remote version.

Constant sensory overstimulation is a well known practice that can be tried to induct someone into involuntary hypnosis. The rhythmic speech interrogation portion of this shit is constant audio stimulation overload. Hypnosis can be used as an interrogation technique and is also used to instill delusions which make victims appear crazy, discrediting and isolating them.

How to Overload the Conscious Mind for Better Hypnosis
Hypnosis and belief: A review of hypnotic delusions
Delusions in the hypnosis laboratory: Modeling different pathways to mirrored-self misidentification

Implanted delusions can be powerful tools that can destroy a victims personal and professional life. If an electronic stalker is able to hypnotically implant the delusion that a targets significant other is cheating on them with their boss or business partner they may accomplish both in one suggestion.

If a victim tries to report the delusional bullshit they are subjected to, they likely will appear crazy and may end up being deemed so and discredited and/or forced into treatment. At the very least the report will not get any serious attention. This shit is hard enough to believe as is.

Once the computer has your silent speech patterns categorized it may proclaim "we have your tong"

Its fucked.. I still wear NASA shirts.
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A few corporations are owning most of the medias. They control the content diffused on them. They forge their truth and reality. They put ideas in the head of the kids. Yes, there is remote mind control with TVs and smart phones.
I think most of the people claiming remote mind control are likely insane.

But here's my thoughts on if it's possible.

Hypnosis is the real deal. Modern talk therapy and psychiatry is a joke compared to it. Hypnosis can do the wildest things you can't even imagine. Cure drug addiction with no withdrawals in a day, grow breasts/ass/hair, make someone taller, permanently change their personality, etc. I have this confirmed as 100% true. Hypnosis has huge potential, the subconscious mind is actually very powerful and can be manipulated (for both good or evil).

Mk-Ultra and other similar experiments was basically to see which drugs would help increase the effects of hypnosis, their goal was advanced interrogation techniques and mind control of special agents who would be the perfect soldier. They'd use hypnosis, and their goal was to see which drugs intensified the effects of certain goals for the hypnosis.

So anyways, how does that relate to remote mind control using EMF or sound waves? Well, I believe if they found a way to code information into the waves, people could be remotely hypnotized. I mean with regular hypnosis, it's just the use of speech. Well what if the same basic coding used in verbal hypnosis could somehow be coded into EMF waves or sound waves?